Inspector Extended View Underwater Video Inspection Camera

NOT A CHEAP THROW-AWAY TOY! The Inspector Extended View Camera is a high-quality, professionally-manufactured industrial underwater inspection camera system with superior lighting and wide angle optics.

The Inspector underwater inspection camera pole is designed for use by professionals like Customs, DEA, Police, construction and maintenance personnel as well as in marine applications underwater to about 15 feet.

The Inspector Extended View Camera waterproof video inspection system is ideal for inspection of areas underwater, boats, manholes, sewers, pipes, under-vehicle bombs, drug and human truck cargo searches, HVAC, as well as numerous other industrial and construction applications.

The Inspector underwater video inspection camera utilizes the latest technology in batteries (li-ion), WI-FI, LED lighting, ultra low-lux high resolution camera, and comes complete with cell phone / monitor with articulating armband and chargers.

The Inspector underwater inspection camera pole is just over 7 feet long when collapsed and 18 feet long when extended and weighs only 7 pounds. The adjustable camera head allows you to look up or down or any angle in between. The shipping container is robust enough to be the carry and storage case for security and protection.

Batteries and electronics are located in the white enclosure handle at the top end of the pole. This part is not waterproof, don't submerge it!

  • 18 foot pole extension
  • 180° head articulation up or down
  • Wireless communication (Includes pre-programmed WI-FI cell phone on armband)
  • Fully submersible camera head
  • Digital zoom
  • Lithium ion battery powered
  • Chargers included


Inspector Extended View Underwater Video Inspection Camera

$ 2,995


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Inspector extended view underwater video inspection camera

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