Aquatii Underwater Boat Camera & Lights System

Aquatii is a surface mounted underwater video camera and lights module designed and manufactured in the USA for boats and yachts.

The Aquatii lights up a large area of water behind your boat and attracts fish and other wildlife while sending real time video to your salon TV. Enjoy the view of fish behind your boat just like you were in the water yourself!

Our Diffuser Lighting Technology

Our diffuser lighting technology uses the most attractive part of the light spectrum (as far as fish are concerned) in conjunction with our shaped lens configuration to create a large lighted area in the water behind your boat.

Our LEDs emit the wavelength of the light spectrum close the sun’s light plus we throw in a bit more green to enhance the fish attraction qualities without ruining our great video lighting.

underwater video camera for boats - LED light wavelength to attract fish

High-Definition Color Video Camera

The built-in, high-definition, low-lux color underwater video camera for boats can put all the live action right on your salon TV so you can see when the bait fish have shown up, or to keep the kids occupied, or as a nice aquarium effect for that onboard cocktail party or BBQ!

The Aquatii module is constructed of high-impact polyurethane so it is waterproof and durable. It has a total of 24 high-output LED lights as well as our .005 lux low-light, wide angle, high-resolution video camera looking through a sapphire lens window.

The shape of the Aquatii housing, along with our diffuser lighting technology creates a large area of soft diffused light in the water behind your boat that is perfect for video photography!

Aquatii underwater boat camera and light module

Underwater Installation Kit

The Aquatii underwater boat camera system can be installed while your boat is in the water! We include all the specialized materials to make the installation easy, including special underwater adhesive and scuff sanding medium. Aquatii can also be installed while your boat is out of the water, with or without the interface disc! For wood hulls just add two #10 stainless wood screws.

Our underwater installation kit is comprised of the following components; interface disc, underwater adhesive, clear plastic film, special underwater scuff sanding medium and mounting screws!

Aquatii underwater boat camera system - Installation Kit

Plug & Play

It’s all plug and play with Aquatii. We provide everything you need for a professional installation! The Aquatii underwater boat camera and light module is pre-wired with 10 feet of cable with the connector already installed. It mounts to the interface disc which is bonded to the boat with specialized underwater adhesive.

The junction module which mounts inside the boat is also pre-wired with all the necessary connectors installed. We even include 50 feet of low-loss video coaxial cable to plug into your TV. All you need to provide is 12V DC or 24V DC on/off switched power from a circuit breaker or fuse! The Aquatii uses less than 2 amps of power, much less than you would think for high power lighting such as the Aquatii!

This is the power junction module (3 x 6 x 2 inches) complete and ready to mount with all connectors installed, built-in power regulation, easy to mount with 4 each #8 x 1/2 inch screws. Just plug and play!

Aquatii boat thru hull underwater video camera power junction module
complete Aquatii underwater boat camera and light module system

Complete Package

This is the complete package you get. Comes complete with everything needed to install correctly, even the adhesive, sanding medium, stainless screws and underwater tape for mounting to your boat!! You get the light/camera, control module, 50 foot coaxial cable with connectors pre-installed to attach to your TV. It’s all plug and play, you need only furnish switched 12 or 24 volt DC power to the provided plug into the control module! 

Aquatii Underwater Light & Camera Module

Boat Mounted Underwater Camera & Lights Module

Underwater transom-mounted light and video camera for boats, high-power white and green LED lights, .005 lux color camera, sapphire lens window, 12 or 24 volts DC, comes complete with 10 foot cable with connector pre-installed to plug into the control module mounted inside the boat. Needs only a 7/16 inch diameter hole in the boat hull, and 2 screws to attach to the boat!

Aquatii underwater camera module installed on boat transom

Underwater Installation Kit

Underwater installation kit allows you to install the light/camera while your boat is in the water! Totally glue-on design with special underwater adhesive! Requires a 7/16-inch diameter hole drilled in the hull above the waterline which is then sealed with our adhesive to finish the installation!


Aquatii Underwater Boat Camera and Lights System

  • The underwater boat camera and light module pre-wired with 10 feet of cable and connector already installed
  • power junction control module
  • 50 foot coaxial cable with connectors pre-installed to attach to your TV
  • and our exclusive underwater installation kit.


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